Country newcomers Parmalee come from the North Carolina rock scene, and it shows on 'Musta Had a Good Time,' their debut single on Stoney Creek Records. The loud and rowdy track relies on a screaming guitar lick and rock n' roll riffs, which stand out like Marilyn Manson would at a Scotty McCreery show.  

It's not that country and rock haven't been fused before -- Jason Aldean has made a career of it. There's an art to creating that mix, however. An inexperienced hand leaves the parts lying across the table, instead of blending seamlessly into a satisfying wall of sound.

"Hey y'all is that my dog up on the roof / Good God, why's my car out in the pool," Parmalee singer Matt Thomas asks to begin the song. "All I remember is a phone call / Now the party's on / Somebody knockin' at my door / Yeah I don't know what the hell went on round here last night."

This is a talented group that has overcome pain and adversity that no group should have to endure. 'Musta Had a Good Time' feels to be cut too soon after the ink dried on their record deal. There's a lack of comfort in the new style, lyrics and sound they're being asked to create. The song will no doubt sound better after 100 live shows than it does on this recording.

"Somebody doin' doughnuts musta hit the mailbox / Cause it's laying out there in the road / There's a flood in the bathroom, a hog in the kitchen, a dude on my couch with a bloody nose / I don't know what the hell went on round here last night / But we musta had a good time," Thomas adds during a chorus that lasts an eternity.

At best, one could call this a sacrificial single. Justin Moore did something similar in 2008, releasing the racy 'Back That Thing Up' to get noticed, before coming in with 'Small Town USA,' his first No. 1 hit. It's a common promotional trick in recent years. Hopefully Parmalee also has material with more depth in their arsenal.

Listen to Parmalee, 'Musta Had a Good Time'