In late 2020, The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond revealed to the world that she and her husband, Ladd, brought in a foster son — a teenager named Jamar.

In recent weeks, more and more photos of the young man have been circulating, and he's so handsome!

Jamar Goff is the now-18-year-old's name, and he started living with the Drummonds in early 2019. An excerpt from the author, blogger and television star's book Frontier Follies appeared at the Pioneer Woman website in November, in which she explains that a combination of state rules, Jamar's difficult backstory and the transition into a new home was already a lot for him.

But now, Jamar is ready for the world to learn all about him. He's even got his own growing Instagram page.!

Ree and Ladd did not plan to foster, but Jamar's circumstances presented in a way the couple couldn't ignore. He was a schoolmate of her two other sons (Bryce and Todd), and Ladd had met him a couple of times on the football field (The family matriarch never details what Jamar went through to end up in their care, only that he'd had a difficult raising).

Football is Jamar's passion, and in the fall he'll get to play at the University of Central Oklahoma. He's much bigger than the other Drummonds, standing 6 ft., 5 in. tall and towering above Ree's 5 ft., 9 in. frame (there's a funny story about that in her blog post). While still the most mysterious of the Drummond gang, he clearly gets on with his family well. Here's a photo he posted after older sister Alex's wedding earlier this month:

On Ree Drummond's Instagram page, you'll find more from the wedding, and if you dig, more candids from Jamar's time with the family. She makes it clear he's part of the family in every possible way. They even disagree and argue, and she grows weary of the footprint her sons take in their house.

But he cleans up well.

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