Randy Houser’s “Song Number 7” is probably the finest single representative of his Fired Up album. It’s a big country power ballad that leans progressive, but stops short of crossing a bridge that leaves traditional country behind.

Above all else, “Song Number 7” is a vocal showcase. Like many of the songs on his fourth studio album, what makes this track a compelling listen is the singer’s powerful, personal delivery. The same lyrics sung by a lesser vocalist may taste like flat soda. Justin Wilson, Ben Hayslip and Chris Janson wrote this song.

Sonically, this drum-heavy love song will fit well between any two on the radio, with the arrangement doing little to stretch how a listener already thinks of Houser. The rhymes and storytelling are accessible and familiar to country fans who’ve tuned in at any point over the last five years. After an edgy outlaw rocker, Houser returns with a by-the-book ballad that is sure to sound fine when the singer takes stages on tour this summer.

Did You Know?: "Song Number 7" is actually the seventh track on Houser's Fired Up album.

Listen to Randy Houser, “Song Number 7”

Randy Houser, “Song Number 7” Lyrics:

“Song No. 1 1 yeah that’s the one / That was bumpin’ outta the speakers / Everybody knew the words / Everybody sang along / Everybody could see her / And the sweet melody of song No. 3 / Had her slidin’ on over to me… but.”

“Song No. 7 / Took me all the way to heaven that night / Song No. 7 / Cranked up to eleven set the mood just right / I was holdin’ her tight / She had her hands in the air / She was fallin’ in love and I was already there / By song No. 7 oh.”

There were stars in the sky sparks in her eyes / And the smell of hickory burnin’ / Everybody there just disappeared like it was only me and her and / The midnight blue behind a red dirt moon / Had me caught up into the groove.”

“Every time we wanna go back / We just hit that track / Song No. 7… yeah it was.”