Randy Travis is in trouble with police once again following a fight in a Texas church parking lot, which broke out early Friday morning. The country legend was cited for simple assault and taken to the hospital after getting involved in a disagreement between a husband and wife.

TMZ reports that Travis and another man -- not the husband involved in the "family argument" -- tangled around 1AM Texas time. Local police responded to a phone call about the incident, but did not take Travis into custody.

Reportedly, Travis was the "primary aggressor" in the altercation. The singer has been part of two recent alcohol-fueled disturbances, and a source told TMZ that he appeared to be "extremely intoxicated" when the incident took place.

"He was in a situation," a representative for the singer told the Houston Chronicle. "I don't know if it was a fight, a discussion or what it was."

The church was not the same one where Travis was busted for public intoxication after the Super Bowl in February. Earlier this month, the singer was arrested and charged for driving under the influence of alcohol after he crashed his Pontiac Trans Am in a one-vehicle accident. He was completely naked at the time of that arrest. The incident resulted in a black eye, $21,500 bond and plenty of explaining to do.

Update: Randy Travis was apparently not under the influence, but was defending his fiancee when he was involved in the fight on Friday morning. Get details here.

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