For years, Randy Travis' name has adorned the two welcome signs in his hometown, Marshville, N.C., but recently, those signs have been removed and replaced some that don't say 'Home of Randy Travis.'

Town Manager Fern Shubert explains that the old signs with the singer's name were falling apart, and by no means was the disappearance of Travis' name a result of the problems (including arrest and driving while intoxicated) he's recently had.

Rather, Shubert says, it was an attempt to make the signs more readable and visually appealing -- many townspeople apparently thought the signs were "too busy." The two signs certainly had a lot going on; not only did they read 'Marshville: Home of Randy Travis & Country Living,' but they also featured a train, a corn stalk, a guitar and a chicken.

The shiny new signs simply say: 'Welcome to Marshville, North Carolina.' A train is in the background of the sign, since Marshville has a history as a railroad town.

“It’s nice, it’s dignified and it gets the job done,” Shubert shares. “There was no disrespect to Randy Travis. It looks more like your traditional welcome sign.”

Instead of plastic, the new signs are made of aluminum.

Travis suffered a stroke July 2013, and a few months ago, his friends reported that he was on the road to recovery. While it was unclear if he would ever be able to sing again, Travis has been humming and focusing on a comeback, making huge and encouraging strides. He debuted a music video in late July and released an album in August.

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