Rascal Flatts' self-titled debut album set up what would become the group's undeniable breakthrough album in 2002. 'Melt' was released 10 years ago today (Oct. 29, 2012). It features three of the band's most-played and most-enjoyed singles to date.

'These Days' became Rascal Flatts' first No. 1 country song, but it's probably the third single, 'I Melt,' that really caught the attention of both country and non-country music fans. Gary LeVox was praised for his strong vocals on this and other ballads, while hits like 'Love You Out Loud' and 'Mayberry' would become concert highlights for years to come.

'Melt' stats: Over three million albums sold after debuting at No. 1 on the country album charts and churned four Top 5 hits -- including two No. 1 songs. 'Melt' set the stage for the five-time platinum albums that would follow. It's no understatement to say Rascal Flatts built Lyric Street Records, and construction truly began with this sophomore project.

While the band would later be criticized for sounding too pop, country media reviews of 'Melt' were more positive than those from pop-leaning publications like Entertainment Weekly, who called the Flatts Nashville's answer to the Monkees and stamped a C+ on the album. Time -- and seven more studio albums -- have proven that comparison to be woefully inaccurate. A country newbie could do worse than beginning their Rascal Flatts journey with 'Melt.'

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