As Riley Green’s star in country music continues to rise, so does the number of direct messages the Alabama native gets on Instagram these days.

“(Every kind of message you can imagine,” Green tells Sam Alex on Taste of Country Nights. “I get some stuff like, ‘Hey man, let’s go hunting together,’ all the way to someone who wants me to come play at their 16th birthday party in Chicago. It’s a lot of different stuff. There’s some characters out there.”

But Green can't tell a lie – the hunting question did get his attention.

“I went to Wisconsin this past year and hunted with a guy who just reached out and messaged me on Instagram,” recalls Green, whose debut single “There Was This Girl,” continues to rise on the charts. “We went deer hunting up in Buffalo County, which is one of the best counties in the country, and I always wanted to go up there and he just kind of stayed on me.”

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So, was Green a tad nervous to go out hunting with a guy he had never met?

“I guess if they were going to kidnap me, I was going to get kidnapped,” Green says with a laugh. “I carried a bow and arrow with me, so as long as they gave me some warning they were coming, I would be alright. It turns out that his kid was a guitar player and he was just a fan. We had a good time.”

Riley will spend the summer out on the road as part of Brad Paisley’2019 World Tour.

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