Don't feel bad about dancing to Riley Green's heartbreak when "In Love by Now" plays on the radio. He knows what he's done.

The "There Was This Girl" hitmaker doubles down on uptempo country love with this second single from an upcoming debut album. Lyrically he sets a different tone, but on stage the song is going to sound every bit the party this summer. Clean, country guitar riffs define his rock-tinged mix. As much as any contemporary artist, he's a '90s throwback. There's just enough detachment from the message to allow fans to insert their story or even to not even care about the story if the beer is cold, the sun is hot and the amps are turned to 10, but if you want to, you can lean on his regret.

Tall, muscled country boys from the south tend to put people on bro-alert but thus far Green has deftly avoided the easy trappings of what happens at the end of a long dirt road. Like "There Was This Girl," the Green co-written "In Love by Now" is a subtle example of fine mainstream songcraft that fits the singer like a well-worn camo hat. With a large enthusiastic fanbase behind him, he's something of a triple-threat in country music right now.

Did You Know?: Green wrote "In Love by Now" with Rhett Akins, Marv Green and Ben Hayslip.

Here's Proof That Traditional Country Is NOT Dead:

Riley Green's "In Love By Now" Lyrics:

I bet she's got them windows rolled down / Tom Petty's on, she's singing along / Bet she's all tanned up from that summer sun / And she might be dancin' to long haired cover band on the coast / But if I know her she ain't dancin' alone.

She's probably in love by now / A girl like that don't stay lonely long / And I bet she's already found / Somebody else and he ain't doin' her wrong / Wouldn't do no good even if I could somehow track her down / She's probably in love right now.

Bet she's prettying up some old boy's shotgun seat, toe nails painted pink / Bet those Ray-Bans are holding that blonde hair back / I bet he's holding her close at night and she ain't losing any sleep / If I know her she sure ain't thinking about me.

Repeat Chorus

Wherever she is out there tonight I bet her heart ain't hurting like mine / She's probably in love by now / Yeah She's probably in love by now.

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