Ronnie Dunn has seen a lot of places in his multi-decade career, and has played everywhere from stadiums to arenas and "every hole-in-the wall from Memphis to Maine." It's no secret that Dunn belongs on the road, and in his rockin' new tune, 'Singer in a Cowboy Band,' the former half of Brooks and Dunn admits that he doesn't know how he went so astray.

"I'm rocking, rolling / Mixing up the fast with the slow ones / Living, breathing / Songs about loving and leaving / Mama don't get it, preacher don't understand / Why I'm a singer in a cowboy band," Dunn sings in the chorus.

As the song progresses, even the 'Bleed Red' hitmaker is questioning how he ended up behind a guitar. "Sometimes I stop, I go to reminiscing / What it is that I'm out here missing?" he asks himself in the bridge, commenting that he started his life off right as a blue-eyed boy in church.

We're more than thankful that Dunn found his way to the stage, even if it's now without his other half, Brooks.

'Singer in a Cowboy Band,' which we speculate to be the next Ronnie Dunn single, is just what the heart needs for summer. We can already hear this one blasting through our stereo as we're rolling down the highway, or snapping our fingers and tapping our toes in the local honky tonk.

Listen to Ronnie Dunn, 'Singer in a Cowboy Band'