Ryan Griffin looks back on his youth in his "Back Seats & Burnt CDs" video. Directed by Jim Cook and filmed in Nolensville, Tenn., the video paints the picture of an older man looking back nostalgically on his high school days and first love.

"Back Seats & Burnt CDs" kicks off with Griffin driving a convertible down the street, only to pass a familiar face. As he flashes back to memories of an ex sneaking out of her bedroom window for late-night drives together, it's obvious that this girl on the corner is the one from his past.

"We were Friday night lovers in the parking lot / We were renegades running out of time on the clock / When the headlights stopped no we didn't stop," Griffin sings on the chorus.

Watch the video as Griffin relives his childhood which includes bonfires full of friends and aimlessly driving around town on a Friday night. "Back Seats & Burnt CDs" is featured on the singer's latest five-song EP, Sake of the Summer.

As a writer, Griffin helped pen Kelsea Ballerini's previous No. 1 single "Dibs," and he also acted as tour manager for Jason Aldean for a brief stint. After high school he attended Belmont University, and during his senior year, he took an internship at Broken Bow Records. Aldean was new to the roster and they needed someone to go on the road with him. Griffin, as a result, became Aldean’s tour manager.

"I think they paid me $300 a month to go out there," he previously told Taste of Country, laughing, “which I think just covered my rent."

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