Scotty McCreery's "This Is It" lyrics tell the story of his proposal to fiancee Gabi Dugal, but there is a major twist.

“We wrote it two weeks before we got engaged," the singer admits.

Yep, McCreery called his shot by writing a song with Aaron Eshuis and Frank Rogers, then following that script to perfection when he popped the question on a mountain in western North Carolina in September 2017.

“If things hadn’t gone to plan and we hadn’t gotten to the mountain, I probably would have had to scrap the song," he jokes.

"Way up in the mountains / Four-thousand feet high / There's a trail through the trees to a cliff / Where Carolina meets the sky," he sings to begin "This Is It," his second single from Seasons Change.

The "This Is It" lyrics are all true — they hiked that trail and once there McCreery got down on one knee. Of course he was nervous.

“It’s probably a 30-minute hike and I probably got us up that mountain in five minutes because I was booking it," he says. "She was like, ‘Can I get some water?’ and I was like, ‘We’ll get water later!’”

"This is it, this is now / This is what I've been talking about / Looking out, can't you see forever / You take my hand, just take it in / This is a moment we won't forget / On top of the world here together / If there ever was a time for a perfect kiss / This is it," McCreery sings at each chorus.

Eshuis actually helped write a couple of love songs on Seasons Change, which is no coincidence. The songwriter and producer was recently married himself, so it was all fresh on his mind. To make sure reality matched the song McCreery had to get to work, which meant planning all the details down to making sure Dugal's family arrived safely from Oklahoma.

“Which is odd for me — I’m not a planner," he admits. "I think that’s how I tipped her off that I was gonna propose that week because she was like, ‘You had this whole weekend planned out. That’s odd.’”

See Pics from Scotty McCreery's Proposal to Gabi Dugal

The song's universal message and this experience is what helped convince the American Idol winner and his team to make it a single. From the guy nervously holding onto the ring to the girl talking in secret to friends, it's a moment that he and Gabi are happy they get to share with his fans.

"Girl I know that you've been waiting / And talking to your friends / Wondering if and wondering where / And wondering when / Well I've been waiting too / Holding on to this ring / For the right words to say for the right time and place / For me to get on one knee." 

After the proposal the couple were greeted by the friends and family who had joined them for the moment. It was a time of celebration, but McCreery had one last surprise.

“I shared ‘This Is It’ with Gabi as soon as we got back to the cabin, after the proposal," the 24-year-old reveals. "Her family was there and we put it on the Apple TV and played it over the speakers. Yeah, there were some tears, and her mom was getting all misty-eyed and everything.”

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