Taylor Swift took the giving spirit to a whole new level this year. The 'Shake It Off' singer shipped fans huge boxes full of holiday gifts -- each picked especially for them. Their reactions are priceless and may even bring a tear to your eye.

Swift had a big year but she didn't forget her fans despite her increasing success. According to the video above, the singer (and maybe a few jolly helpers) started what they call "Tay-lurking," which is a less-creepy version of stalking. She studied her fans to find out where they live, work and what makes them smile. Then, she would comment on their social media sites with one simple Santa emoji.

That's when fans started receiving packages straight from Swift herself. She handpicked gifts she thought each fan would like and personalized letters to them, letting them know how much she appreciated their support. The 25-year-old even wrapped the gifts herself! That was the beginning of what was referred to as "Swiftmas."

In the video above she shares the entire process, including the reactions from her fans (and her cats). The fans usually have the same reaction -- screams, smiles and quite a few tears. They read the cards aloud while displaying their individual gifts to the cameras. Swift even went above and beyond for one fan who she had met before. She hand-delivered gifts to the fan and her young son and the reaction is just beautiful and may even make a few male fans a little jealous.

Watch the Swiftmas video above and be prepared to have your heart warmed.

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