The lyrics to the new Band Perry single 'Postcard From Paris' were crafted several years before the sibling trio became one of the hottest and most talked about groups in country music. The song was penned by the Perrys -- Kimberly, Reid and Neil -- along with hit songwriters Jeff Cohen and Kara DioGuardi.

"Both Kara and myself were sent a copy of the original demo they did of 'If I Die Young,' which was back before they even recorded the record," Cohen tells Taste of Country. "I called Kara immediately, saying this is unbelievable. We were both very excited to write with this brand new band. We didn't know much about them, other than this song of theirs was phenomenal.

"When we got there," Cohen continues. "They were so so down to earth and nice ... real professional. Kimberly said, ‘Hey, I got an idea I started.’ She came in with the idea of your new boyfriend being like a postcard from Paris after seeing the one who really moves you ... a postcard is a nice picture of the city but it ain't Paris.' She came in with a wonderful idea. We all just jumped in and started trying do justice to Kimberly's idea."

"Like a postcard from Paris / When I’ve seen the real thing / It’s like finding out your diamond / Is from an old promise ring / Come on back from your fortune teller / She read your cards upside down / The meanest thing you ever did is come around ," they wrote in the lyrics to the song's chorus.

"It was a situation where everyone just got along so well," Cohen recalls of the songwriting session. "Everyone one was on the same page. Writing with the band and Kara was a really fun day, and we managed to get a good lunch out of it, too!"

"I remember when my heart caught the fever / You were standing all alone in the summer heat / I was with my boyfriend, a new boyfriend / He was as sweet as he could be / One look at you and I was through / My heart switched up on me," they wrote in the opening lyrics of the song.

"I always liked this song," says Cohen. "When you write a song, you never know if it's a hit ... you just know that you love it. I thought that song had a shot. I hope for the best with it for the Band Perry because they work so hard. All these good things that come to them are so deserved."

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