Like Kristin Chenoweth said, when you mention southern rock, the first artist you think of is ... Justin Bieber. Wait, what? Okay, actually, it's typically Lynyrd Skynyrd, and at the 2012 American Country Awards, the southern rock legends took the stage with the help of Trace Adkins.

Nothing gets an audience to its feet like a group of 1970s rock legends. When Skynyrd and Adkins took the stage at the Las Vegas awards show, the crowd exploded. Adkins started 'What's Your Name' by singing the first verse, and the Skynyrd band chimed in with unforgettable guitar solos and bass riffs.

Most contemporary country stars would have felt intimidated by the presence of such legendary rockers, but Adkins performed perfectly on key -- even though he towered several inches above most of the band.

As the men sang, cameras focused on Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban, who were standing side-by-side, grooving along to the song. Underwood was spotted singing along to every word -- looks like she's been a country fan for decades!

Unfortunately for Underwood and Urban -- and all of the fans in Las Vegas and at home who were hoping for a Skynyrd medley -- the band and Adkins only performed one song together. On the bright side, it was a spot-on rendition of the 1977 hit.

Watch Trace Adkins and Lynyrd Skynyrd Perform 'What's Your Name?'