Tristan McIntosh made it into the Top 6 Thursday night (March 10) on American Idol. The Nashville native wowed the judges with a soulful performance of Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing."

Taking the stage in a white sequined dress, McIntosh began the song softly before belting the chorus, impressing the audience and all three judges.

"Tristan, you have such a perfectly suited country voice," Jennifer Lopez said following her performance. "It really is so beautiful and that was a perfect song for you as far as I'm concerned. You did a really, really good job for that song. I think that's exactly what you need to be doing."

Harry Connick Jr. agreed with everything Lopez said, adding that her song had "a lot of emotion. Nice job."

Meanwhile, Keith Urban also sang her praises. "It was beautiful. I think it's the perfect song for you," he said. "Your voice is tailor made for it."

McIntosh also sang a duet with Lee Jean, covering Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing." While they struggled to match each other vocally and stylistically, Lopez praised McIntosh, saying her voice "really shined" and she was able to hit all the notes and show her strengths.

McIntosh has been welcomed into the Nashville community with open arms. Following her audition of Mickey Guyton's "Why Baby Why" on American Idol, Guyton asked McIntosh to join her on stage to perform the song in January at Nashville's Marathon Music Works while opening for Eric Paslay.

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