Uncle Kracker may not be a reality television star, but he certainly could give 'Biggest Loser' contestants a few pointers. The rapper-turned-country artist recently dropped a whopping 70 pounds. 

Late last year, the pounds started coming off of the 'My Hometown' singer. He says he does have a weight-loss method, although it's mostly a whole lot of common sense. “I just quit eating like a dummy,” he tells Detroit News. “Throughout the last year, I was kind of chipping away a little, but then I finally started getting serious about it six months ago. And it’s panned out pretty good for me.” The above pictures compare his Dec. 2010 and April 2013 frame.

With a mix of sweat-inducing cardio training and working out with light weights, the pop crossover star has a goal in mind -- and it doesn't involve Man of Steel muscles like Tim McGraw. “I don’t want to be skinny, and I don’t want to be buff, either,” he says. “I just want to be healthy and feel good."

He's not only noticed a huge different in his stamina onstage -- but offstage as well. “Shows are a breeze! I feel guilty they’re so easy,” he says, adding, "“I feel a bazillion times better.” Along with that, Kracker just feels happier -- but he won't give up one thing: smoking cigarettes.

In the country music scene, Kracker has a new country single coming called 'Blue Skies,' from his last album 'Midnight Special' which was his fifth LP and first full country album.  Soon, he'll stun country fans with his new physique as he'll be touring with his pal Kid Rock on Rock’s '$20 Best Night Ever' tour this summer.

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