Country newcomer Warren Zeiders won't have to convince many people he feels what he sings during "Pretty Little Poison," his new radio single.

The singer-songwriter's heart bleeds all over the chorus of a song that builds and builds until he's the man making the toxic decision. Anyone who's had a heart broken by the devil will feel this brooding, rock-inspired country ballad. Those who've played the part of "poison" will wince.

Zeiders is a 24-year-old from Hershey, Pa., who first went viral for a cover of Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey." He caught the bug and quickly caught up to a relatively new kind of Nashville sound, popularized by Jackson Dean and Bailey Zimmerman. Stories of isolated heartbreak are the new truck songs on Music Row, which means he's in the right place at the right time with the right song.

Did You Know?: Growing up, Zeiders was a dedicated lacrosse player, but one too many concussions sidelined him permanently

Listen to Warren Zeiders, "Pretty Little Poison":

Warren Zeiders, "Pretty Little Poison" Lyrics:

Every night 'round about this time / It's like she knows I'm lonely / Rolls up when the wine is gone / Like a record on repeat / Leaning on old memories / And talking 'bout what we used to be / She'll probably be the death of me / But damn if it ain't sweet.

She's my pretty little poison / My heartache in the night / With a kiss on her lips just like cyanide / Yeah, she came with a warning / But I didn't mind / I'll go out on that high every time / She's my pretty little poison / My pretty little poison.

Shadows dancin' down the hall / Whispers that she wants me / Try my best not to fall / When she falls into me / We all need some kind of fix / For me she's the one I pick / Nothin' else will do the trick / She's all I need.

Repeat Chorus

For some, I guess it's alcohol / I don't want none at all / I just want you / No, I just want you.

Repeat Chorus

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