Don't mess with Wynonna Judd or her mama.

During a recent press conference to promote the Judds' Las Vegas Residency at the Venetian, Girls Night Out, journalist Robin Leach made a remark that Wynonna made him apologize for. It all started with a simple question from her mother, Naomi.

"Robin, do you like this outfit?" Naomi asked Leach.

"I'll be really honest, I think it's hideous," he remarked about Naomi's feathery ensemble. "It's different for 12o'clock on a Tuesday morning."

Appalled at his dig at her mother, Wynonna praised her mother's choice of fashion.

"You know what?" she tells, Entertainment Tonight. "She's my mom. If she wants to show up in spandex and a tube top, go girl!"

Wynonna didn't let Leach get away with insulting her mom.

"So I'm downstairs in my dressing room and Wynonna came in like a raging bull," Naomi recalls. "She said, 'He's coming downstairs now!' And I went, 'Why?' And she said, 'Because he's going to apologize to you!"

Future interviewers would be best to leave their judgements and outfit critiques out of the line of questioning when talking to the Judds.

The pair's Girls Night Out began on Oct. 7 and ran through Oct. 24.

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