Kevin Costner finally shared his heart upon winning a Golden Globe Award for his role as John Dutton on Yellowstone. The actor opened a package containing the actual award with a camera running and spoke off the cuff about what it means.

The Golden Globe Awards took place in Los Angeles in early January, but due to heavy flooding, Costner and his wife couldn't be there. He shared a short note about the win on social media after winning, but Saturday's (Feb. 13) message was more personal.

"When you first come to Hollywood, you just wanna get your first job and you see these things and you even wonder if you're going to get in a room like that," he says. "It feels really good to have this."

There's no substitute for being there but my wife made a night of it for us and all of those balloons. Now I'm holding it and everyone who supported me, for the Hollywood foreign press, for thinking enough of what I did this year, I'm so glad I've found the movies in my life. They've made a difference. I don't now what would have happened to me if I hadn't found the movies. Thank you to everyone.

Costner's win was in the Best Actor in a Television Series — Drama category. It is the first Golden Globe for an actor from Yellowstone and the highest honor the Paramount Network western has received.

The show is in a break between half-seasons of Season 5, which is rumored to be the final season. Costner's participation in the second half is very much in limbo — that he didn't mention Paramount or Yellowstone in his on-camera acceptance is likely to fuel that suspicion that there is conflict.

Last week, Deadline reported that negotiations between Costner and Paramount have stalled over his request to severely limit the number of days he's on set to film. Previously he'd spent seven to nine weeks on set, but the industry news outlet has sources that say he wants to be done in seven days.

The report furthers that this would mean Season 5 is the final season of Yellowstone and the show would attempt to transition fans to a new drama starring Matthew McConaughey. The Dutton Rules team suspects that show is actually the long-discussed 6666 show.

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