Zac Brown Band's "You and Islands" is a timely escape, if only for four minutes. The band dropped the brand-new track on Friday (July 31).

Brown and company wrote, recorded and produced "You and Islands" during the novel coronavirus quarantine, which they nod to in the song's first verse. The band's harmonies are, as always, on point once again in this breezy, upbeat track with a melody that's vaguely reminiscent of a carefree '80s sitcom theme song.

“This unprecedented time at home has given us the opportunity to write and share new music with our fans. As we continue to navigate through this together, we hope our music can bring you a little bit of positivity and transport you to a different time and place -- even if just for a few minutes,” says Brown, who co-wrote "You and Islands" with Ben Simonetti and Adam James, in a press release. “This was a fun track to record. We hope you sing along with us as we daydream about days to come!”

Zac Brown Band's most recent release is "The Man Who Loves You the Most," a song for Brown's daughters. The frontman personally debuted the song in May during an episode of actor John Krasinski's wildly popular online series Some Good News, in which a couple got married in quarantine.

Zac Brown Band were among the first acts to outright cancel their tour plans for the year as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the United States in mid-March. Instead, they're creating at home, and occasionally playing livestream shows.

Here's What Zac Brown's Southern Ground Studio Looks Like Inside:

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