Zac Brown is creating a new way for kids from all backgrounds to experience the great outdoors with his Camp Southern Ground, but he needed a unique addition to its campus. Who better to build an outdoor space than a treehouse master?

Brown enlisted Pete Nelson, who hosts a show called Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet, to design a facility for him, and the result is a treehouse kids could only dream of.

The design is a cross between a crab and a spaceship, according to a news release, and from the photos it looks like it’s going to be an impressive feat of architecture. Zac Brown’s episode of Treehouse Masters aired Sept. 16 as the season finale for the show. Check out the photos above to see how the treehouse turned out.

Camp Southern Ground is a passion project for Brown, specifically emphasizing serving kids with behavioral disorders or social or emotional challenges. The all geothermal and solar powered location will also serve as a research facility for disorders like Aspergers, ADD and autism. It will house 300 kids and 150 staff members per week for nine weeks each summer.

“We can help show data on how much the kids can improve when their home life changes a little bit,” Brown says. “Hopefully what they take with them will help change their lives. It also helps to be around people of all different races and backgrounds and to be on [a] level playing field with everyone through activities.”

Camp Southern Ground is currently holding mini-adventure weekends this fall. Find out more on the camp’s website.

Also a part of Brown’s brand is the the Southern Ground Music & Food festival, most recently held in South Carolina. The lineup features country, alt-country and even some rock bands. The 2017 event is slated to be held in Mexico.

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