The best friend songs ever recorded can be emotional or silly. They can say "thank you" or "I miss you." And sometimes, they just tell stories of all the trouble we caused when we were young. No country artist has dominated the "friend song" market, but dozens have given us opportunities to appreciate the loyalty of a good buddy.

Tim McGraw's offering on this list will bring a tear to your eye. Kenny Chesney and Rodney Atkins describe the youthful exuberance we have all felt at one point or another. In choosing the 10 Best Friend Songs, we highlighted tunes that honor the best parts of a platonic relationship.

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    'Me and My Gang'

    Rascal Flatts

    It's the perfect song for a motley crew of bonded souls. "We got hippies, gypsies, freaks and geeks / High class women in Daisy Duke denim," the band sings during this fast-paced track on our list of the best friend songs. While not as touching or deep as many of the other songs on this Top 10 list, 'Me and My Gang' is by far the most fun to scream at 70 mph with the windows down on the open highway.

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    'You'll Be There'

    George Strait

    George Strait's song is more commonly sang to a lover than a friend, but the lyrics work either way. After all, one's special someone is often a best friend as well. 'You'll Be There' is a touching way to show a friend how important he or she is in your life. No matter what storms blow you apart, you'll always remain close to a true friend.

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    'All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight'

    Hank Williams Jr.

    This hit by Hank Williams Jr. could make a dozen different country music lists. It was included on our recent Top 10 Party Songs, and some would argue it's amongst the best of all time. The only reason it doesn't rank higher on this list of the 10 Best Friend Songs is because Williams focuses more on the party that the bond he has with his buds. But really, we don't expect Bocephus to wax poetic about bonding time.

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    Kenny Chesney

    Kenny Chesney has a number of songs that speak of childhood moments spent with close friends, but songs like 'Summertime' and 'Boys of Fall' don't focus on the friendship as much as they do bikinis and high school football. 'Young' is an easy choice for our list of the very best friend songs because Chesney paints a picture of wild adolescence that we can all recognize, even if the details need a little fine-tuning to match one's personal experience.

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    'I'll Be'

    Reba McEntire

    Reba McEntire has the only song from a female artist on this list of the 10 Best Friend songs. There certainly have been others written and recorded, but none had the impact like the other nine songs on our list. 'I'll Be' lets a friend know there's a rock they can always lean on in times good and bad.

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    'Friends in Low Places'

    Garth Brooks

    This is one of the best country songs of all time because it summarizes the battle country music has been fighting for decades. We've always felt somewhat like second class citizens in the eyes of the more "sophisticated" music aficionados. That attitude takes a little focus away from the layer of friendship that is always there, looking to bring you back home after a difficult day.

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    'These Are My People'

    Rodney Atkins

    Few songs sounded better during the summer of 2007 than Atkins' song from his 'Going Through Hell' album. The song makes a mark on our list of the 10 Best Friend Songs, but it is about much more than friendship. It's about being proud of where you grew up, and who helped shape you into the person you are today. They might be flawed at times, but who isn't? It's the insinuated loyalty that makes this such a brilliant friend song.

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    'Heroes and Friends'

    Randy Travis

    The title track to Randy Travis' 1991 duets album contains a lyric that pretty much summarizes this entire friend songs list: "I've found only two things that last to the end / Years have gone by but now and again / One is your heroes the other your friends." Oddly, this was the only song on the album that wasn't a duet, but it still peaked inside the Top 5 later that year.

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    'My Old Friend'

    Tim McGraw

    This fifth and final single from McGraw's 'Live Like You Were Dying' album is the only one on this list of the 10 Best Friend Songs to touch on the poignant moments of a friendship taken for granted. McGraw sings what is essentially a thank you note to a friend he hasn't made time for in a while. We feel his regret. Hopefully -- unlike the friend he's singing to -- there's still time to pick up the phone for old time's sake.

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    'Find Out Who Your Friends Are'

    Tracy Lawrence

    Tracy Lawrence brought a couple of his best friends in to help him record this song. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw joined in on the album version, which eventually became the version that dominated radio playlists as well. This No. 1 song from 2007 is unmatched at describing what a true friend is worth.