Bob Dylan, the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons teamed up for the most straight-ahead and downright musical performance of the night at the 2011 Grammy Awards telecast.

As opposed to the parade of highly-choreographed, theatrical performances of many of the pop stars who preceded them, Mumford and Sons launched straight into their song 'The Cave' without much fuss. Unless you count the fact that a couple of them were dressed as backwoods dirt road gas station attendants. Or the fact that they all threw themselves into the music with such abandon that the keyboard player seemed to hurt his wrist mid-performance.

Next up were the Avett Brothers with their song 'Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise,' from the album 'I and Love and You.' Again, no bells and whistles -- just excellent live singing and playing. How about that, Lady Gaga?

Then it was time for the legend himself, Bob Dylan, to stroll out without an instrument, only to have members of his band and the two opening acts close ranks behind him and join on his classic 'Maggie's Farm.' Now it can't be said that Dylan's voice was smooth or clear; what will be debated for days is whether this is the state he's reduced to, a bad day or how he wants to sound. Regardless, his harmonica solo kicked a---.