The Georgia Bulldogs' beloved team mascot has died. The University of Georgia shared the sad news on Tuesday (Jan. 23) that its bulldog, Uga X — otherwise known as "Que"— died overnight in his sleep.

Uga X was 10 years old.

Born May 27, 2013, Que took over duties as UGA's mascot from his grandfather, Uga IX, in 2015. He was a good boy, and his reign as mascot was a good one, as well, for the UGA Bulldogs. Under his watch the team put together a 91-18 record, including two National Championships.

Being a UGA mascot is serious business, and not just handed out to any all-white English Bulldog. All of the 11 Bulldogs mascots, current and past, are descendants of the first mascot, Uga I, who was introduced in 1956.

But bloodline alone won't get a pup the job — each puppy is tested in other factors as well, like noise and heat tolerance, looks and easy-going temperament. Of course, Uga V may have failed that last test after he tried to bite Auburn WR Robert Baker on the sidelines in 1996 — a quite famous picture in many UGA fans households.

Que wasn't a stranger to sideline altercations, as he was nearly on the wrong end of mascot-on-mascot crime when before the 2019 Sugar Bowl, the University of Texas Longhorns' mascot Bevo charged at Que before handlers could get the big fella under control.

As for Que, he's preceded in death by Uga I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX and VIII. He will be buried in the marble vaults in the south end of Sanford Stadium.

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