'Gonna Wanna Tonight,' a sexy love song from Chase Rice's 'Ignite the Night' album, will be the singer's follow-up to his hit single 'Ready Set Roll.' Rice introduced the song with an animated lyric video on Monday morning. Watch it during this Taste of Country exclusive!

Rice looks pretty good in 2D. The mostly black and white video tells the backroads love story of a country boy and his sweetie. They start in a late-model pickup truck and roll into the woods for a night of peace, quiet ... and whatever comes next.

"If you wanna go away out where there ain't nobody around / And let your long hair get to fallin' down / And let your red lips leave their mark all over mine / If you wanna then we're gonna girl / I hope you're gonna wanna tonight," Rice sings at the chorus.

The song is one of four on the chart-topping 'Ignite the Night' not penned by Rice. Shane McAnally, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins wrote the lyrics. 'Gonna Wanna Tonight' shows off Rice's softer side, and this lyric video complements the track's simple beauty.

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