Chase Rice recognizes that ‘Ready Set Roll’ and songs from his upcoming 'Ignite the Night' album aren’t for everyone. And he hopes it stays that way.

The singer says he hopes those who like him, love him. “If there’s gonna be people that hate me,” he adds, “you know -- hate me. Be passionate.”

Rice's debut single is a "love it or hate it" song. The deciding lyric for most is “Get your little fine a-- on the step, shimmy up inside.” That’s either an entrance or an exit lyric, and the former college linebacker knows it. Expect more of the same when 'Ignite the Night' is released on August 19. A song called ‘U Turn’ is one that will leave fans buzzing. ‘Do It Like This’ has a swinging, bluesy feel to it. ‘How She Rolls’ and ‘Look at My Truck’ are two from his EP that will make the full-length, as will ‘Ready Set Roll’ and ‘Jack Daniels and Jesus.’

“I don’t want my fans to sing my songs and stand there, I’m want them raging,” Rice tells Taste of Country. “I want ‘em partying. I want ‘em screaming my songs at me, which is why I put out the songs I put out.”

What is “crazy,” exactly? Most don’t take it this far, but Rice recalled a woman in the front row at a recent show in South Carolina. He could tell something was going to happen, so he kept glancing her way.

“All of a sudden, next song … she’s completely naked in the front row," he shares. "Took her dress off -- I’m just like ‘What in the world is going on?’”

‘Ready Set Roll’ has gone Gold for 500,000 downloads -- rare for a song that’s not yet Top 20 on the Billboard charts. Rice has been building his fanbase for years, long before he co-wrote ‘Cruise’ for Florida Georgia Line. His fans appreciate a man who likes to live on life’s edges. You'll never hear Chase Rice compared to vanilla ice cream, a flavor no one hates, but few love passionately.

Watch Chase Rice Sing 'Ready Set Roll'