The Kansas City Chiefs are still basking in the glory of winning Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas, and the playoff run is still being felt by some fans.

The Divisional Round matchup against the Miami Dolphins on Jan. 13 saw brutal temps as low as negative 4 and windchills approaching 30 below. The frigid temps left a handful of fans battling frostbite.

Sadly, that has led to more issues for those fans: Reports indicate that 70 percent of those people are now being recommended for amputation of different parts.

Some of the fans who battled the cold even dealt with 'thermal burns' from exposed skin for windows as small as five minutes. HCA Midwest Health has seen some of the patients from the game, and doctors say those who escaped amputation will still deal with the lasting impacts of frostbite. The impacted areas will have sensitivity and pain and will also be more susceptibility to frostbite in the future.

The Dolphins-Chiefs playoff matchup was the fourth-coldest game in NFL history. The coldest game ever was the 1967 NFL Championship at Lambeau Field, aptly named 'The Ice Bowl' between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. That game saw a low temp of -13 below and a wind chill of -43.

As for the coldest windchill? Per records, that was the 1982 AFC Championship between the San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals. Riverfront Stadium saw windchills dip all the way to negative 59 as the Bengals pulled out the win.

The Billionaires Who Own The Kansas City Chiefs: Meet The Hunt Family

Clark Hunt is the chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs, and his family has had a long history in the franchise. Lamar and Norma hunt founded the Super Bowl winning team. Before Norma's death in 2023, she was the only female to have attended 57 Super Bowls. The Hunt family might be in the sports world, but originally made their millions from oil. H.L Hunt's children sold his Hunt Petroleum to XTO Energy in 2008 for $4.2 billion in cash and stock. Per Forbes, today the Hunt family is worth $24.8 billion.

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