A tweet aimed out of this world has caused Clint Black's career to surge! When NASA tweeted that the country singer's 'Galaxy Song' was used to wake astronauts last week, Black noticed the post in the wee hours of the morning, and it prevented him from getting some shut eye that night because he was so excited.

"It kept me up until 4:30 and I had to call my mom and dad. They were excited. It's a big deal for us," he told Big Frog. Black said that he always wanted to be an astronaut and now, thanks to one of his songs, in some way he is one.

The tweet-heard-round-the-planet has caused an increase in iTunes downloads for the song and the 'D'Lectrified' album from which it came. "People are downloading the other songs on the album and some people are discovering it for the first time. It came out in 1999! It was released in another century," Black joked. He also kidded that he stays perpetually 39 by drinking lots of water, thanks to the advice of his wife.

Black also revealed that he is writing songs for a "touring, Broadway-style show, rooted in our country world, but I'm not ready to talk about it yet." Additionally, he is writing songs for another Broadway show and he said that while he was always proud of the fact that he wrote and recorded his own songs -- much to his record label's chagrin -- he is now being paid to write songs for others. "I am most busy as a hired gun songwriter, which is strange, since I am the only one who ever wanted to record my songs," Black admitted. "I've written all mine for all these years. I had to insist on writing my songs, which was always a point of contention and not a popular position to take. So when somebody calls and wants to hire me as a songwriter, I am very flattered."

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