Dan + Shay fans are going to be obsessed with the new single from the duo's sophomore album of the same name. "How Not To" is a pure slice of radio ear candy that seems as likely a hit as anything they've yet released.

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney have earned several back-to-back hits in a row that showcase their smooth vocal blend, as well as their earnest delivery. "How Not To" has plenty of both, and while Adam Hambrick, Paul DiGiovanni and Kevin Bard have written a fairly by-the-numbers lyric about trying to move on from a relationship that's still pulling you back in, the melodic and vocal elements of "How Not To," coupled with Dan + Shay's completely uncynical performance, ultimately make the track a winner.

Dan + Shay Fans Gonna Love This Guy!

Musically, "How Not To" follows a fairly standard flight plan, beginning with a soft, mid-tempo bed track in the verses, then building to a bigger chorus that employs electric guitars to differentiate itself musically, while a soaring melodic lift allows the guys to channel their inner Rascal Flatts as they sing the repeated hook, "I don't know how not to / How not to / How not to / I don't know how not to."

Dan + Shay aren't really breaking any new musical ground here, but wow, do they sound sweet not doing it. "How Not To" fits in perfectly with the current radio marketplace, and Dan + Shay fans will be all over this pop-country confection like ... well, like Dan + Shay fans jumping all over a great new song from their favorite vocal duo.

Did You Know? Dan + Shay started writing together the day after they first met.

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Dan + Shay's "How Not To" Lyrics

"I can honestly understand why it's over / I can go through the motions of walking away / I can give you the key and take my things back / I can find plenty things to fill my days."


"But I don't know how not to think about you / When it's late at night and crying / 
And I know that I ought to be the one who is strong and just moves on / But I probably turn down your road, knock-knock on your door / Fall back in your arms, wake up in the morning / Hating myself for the way that I can't help the way I still want you / I just don't know how not to, how not to, how not to / I just don't know how not to, how not to, how not to."

"You're like second nature baby, you're just like breathin' / A melody that you hear and you can't forget / The time goes by and I still need you / Yeah, you were at the heartbreak of no regret."

Repeat Chorus

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