Danica McKellar has a new outlook on life, and it's the most positive one she's ever had. The Wonder Years star says she has found her faith, which has been much deeper than just a religion — it's a relationship with God.

"I would not say I’ve embraced religion so much as relationship," she tells Fox News. "I’ve found my faith, and it’s been an amazing life changer. I have this sense that everything’s going to be fine in a way that I never really had before."

The former child star has her pal, Full House star Candace Cameron Bure, and her father to thank for the gift of faith.

"I am so grateful to Candace Cameron Bure for bringing me into this era of my life," McKellar reveals. "She really had a lot to do with it. Also my dad. He’s been a believer for a long time."

"It’s just been a beautiful, beautiful gift, and it feels so good, and I want everyone to have that feeling," she adds.

The 48-year-old is also enjoying her new view on life, literally. McKellar moved across the country — from California to Tennessee — in 2022, and hasn't looked back.

"Tennessee is a total quality of life improvement," she admits. "It’s gorgeous, I love the seasons."

"I grew up in Southern California and I love L.A., and I love California. But I have to say, the seasons are really something else," she continues. "I love watching the leaves change colors, and I love it when it gets cold. And I love when it’s really hot, humid."

Despite the move away from Hollywood, McKellar says she continues to stay busy.

"I am just as busy in Tennessee as I was in Los Angeles, because so much of everything that I do is virtual, online, preparing for projects," she explains. "I shoot my movies mostly in Canada. But I like to say that my view out the window is a lot prettier. And when I have to drive some place, it’s just a gorgeous drive."

McKellar's new movie, Swing Into Romance, premiered on Great American Family on Saturday (Oct. 7). She plays former dancer Christine Sims, who returns home just in time for a fall festival. With her family's store in trouble, she'll need to dust off her dancing shoes to save the day, and she might even find love along the way.

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