Dustin Lynch is already hard at work on his third album, according to his Twitter, on which he posted two photos from the studio on March 29 and 30.

The first features Lynch at the mic recording, visible through the booth’s glass panes, and the second shows him sitting at the control panel, both with the caption “tres…."

The artist is clearly keeping busy, as he just released a music video for his latest single, “Mind Reader,” featuring himself and his leading lady on a first date going perfectly — because she already knew everything about him. The woman, played by model Noelle Brown, turns out to be a fortune teller skilled in tarot card reading and staring into crystal balls in her spare time.

“Here’s to dates going AWESOME every time!” Lynch said on Twitter when it released March 25.

Written by Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, the sexy tune is the third single from Lynch's sophomore record, Where It’s At, released in 2014, which has already produced two No. 1 singles with its title track as well as “Hell of a Night.” He performed the new single on Late Night With Seth Meyers in February.

Lynch has been on the road with Luke Bryan’s Kill the Lights Tour — where their longstanding prank war has continued on for weeks — after finishing up his own headlining Hell of a Night Tour. If the success of his current record is any indication, fans will already be counting the days until the new record is available.

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