Glen Campbell has been in an Alzheimer's care facility since April, but his oldest daughter Debby is fighting to take him home and provide care for him herself.

“I want to take my dad home and take care of him,” she tells Country Weekly.  “I know that he is getting along great with the people who are at the facility, but that’s not how I feel -- as his daughter -- he should spend the rest of his life. I feel like he should be surrounded by loved ones at home.”

Although Campbell's wife Kim gave an update after he moved into the facility, saying he was happy and content, his daughter Debby just doesn't think his quality of life is up to par.

His living quarters consist of a small bedroom with a couch, and she says, “... my dad deserves better than this. I’m not saying it’s bad by any means, but I don’t think he’s getting the attention that he needs. If I felt that [his family in Nashville] was spending hours with him and eating meals with him, it would be different. If I lived there, I would want to spend from the time he wakes in the morning until the evening with him . . . But why can’t I do that in the comfort of my own home with him instead of flying to Nashville and going to a care facility?”

She adds that the 'Gentle on My Mind' hitmaker has told her that he wants to go home. And so she is abiding by her father's wishes. Although the 78-year-old has been deeply stricken by the disease, he still recognizes his daughter.

The singer was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011, but continued playing shows and touring for nearly two years after his diagnosis. Sadly, it's unlikely that the country star will ever perform again.