After Glen Campbell announced his Alzheimer's Disease in June 2011, he still performed for captive audiences who crooned with him to tunes like 'Gentle On My Mind' and 'Rhinestone Cowboy.' Sadly, now that the disease has begun to take its course, he is unlikely to perform for fans again.

His wife Kim Woolen tells People, "He can't even tune a guitar now. If I tune one and hand it to him he can still play, [but] not like he used to." She adds that he can, however, "play a couple licks here and there, and he finds joy in that."

The 78-year-old country star was moved to an Alzheimer's care facility in April, and instead of spending much of his time singing and making music, he looks at pictures and chats with his wife, who visits him "every single day for hours."

Fans, as well as his family and friends, have been deeply saddened by Campbell's decline as the disease progresses. But instead of focusing on the utterly devastating turn of events, he and Woolen, along with their three children, have tried to stay positive, being grateful for every single day.

"There's a lot of sadness, [but] we just continue to try to make the best of every day and keep a sense of humor," says Woolen.

For now, Campbell is happy and content in his new home, and that is good news in the midst of heartbreak. A country music icon, he will always be known for his terrific impact on country, with Grammys, Gold, and Platinum albums, and well-loved songs that will forever be loved by fans.

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