The latest video from Home Free, a cover of Florida Georgia Line's hit song featuring Bebe Rexha,"Meant to Be," should surely get everyone in the mood for some old-fashioned arcade fun.

And making it even more fun? The country a cappella band is joined by Cimorelli's Lisa Cimorelli, who takes on the duties of Rexha's part. "This is one you aren't going to want to miss," noted the band of their new clip.

Starting off with old-school Atari-style game graphics, the lighthearted video takes viewers into an evening at the arcade, complete with skeeball, go-karts, Guitar Hero, and cheesy prizes earned for all the tickets they've racked up. It's definitely a cute, bad-mood-busting video—so if you're having a bit of a lousy day, here's your anecdote. Just don't be surprised if you start craving pizza and candy!

Home Free won the fourth season of The Sing-Off in 2013. Currently, Home Free is on their Timeless Tour, which runs into early summer and is in support of their 2017 album of the same name, which features several popular country and pop songs, including Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins' "Hillbilly Bone," as well as John Mayer's "In the Blood."

We Promise You’ve Never Seen a Cover Quite Like This!

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