Round up all the photos of Brendan McLoughlin, and there's a good chance you'll see more shirtless snaps than those with him fully clothed. The man is in fine shape, and he doesn't mind showing it off regularly on social media.

Miranda Lambert's husband recently shared a few post-workout pics that got the internet fired up.

"Love a good 5 miler before the rain," he captions the ab-baring photos.

The post caught the attention of his followers, including Jelly Roll. The country singer couldn't help chiming in with respect for McLoughlin's physique.

"Jesus Christ Thor. Save some attention for the rest of us on this app," Jelly says, feigning offense before writing, "Love you bubba."

Jelly Roll has become friends with the couple after meeting and working with Lambert in January. The two were set up by a mutual connection in the industry and hit it off. As Lambert put it, the two go together like "biscuits and gravy."

Being in a studio with the "Bluebird" singer is something that's been on Jelly Roll's bucket list since 2022. In fact, the "Save Me" singer called his shot with a tweet in September asking for someone to connect him with her.

Jelly Roll has also expressed an interest to work on his health in 2023, so perhaps there are a few gym sessions with McLoughlin in his future.

"I’m going to spend the first couple months of the year just focusing on family and health," he told Music Mayhem in January. "I lost some weight this year in 2022, but in 2023, I wanna finally conquer the demon. I don’t leave for a big tour until about the middle of the year. So, I plan on taking the first half of the year to tighten the album up and get some work in."

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