It’s been quite a month for country music’s very own Jessie James Decker. Not only did she bring her third child into the world on April 2, but she also celebrated her 30th birthday just 10 days later on April 12.

“Thanks for all birthday wishes,” she wrote on her Instagram page on April 13, alongside a picture of her sporting a birthday hat while breastfeeding her newborn son. “Never did I imagine I would be celebrating my 30th birthday with my new born on the boob," she noted wryly.

There are plenty of things Decker probably hasn't imagined would happen in her life, as her household continues to (happily) get more and more crowded. Married to football player Eric Decker since 2013, Decker now holds down the title of mommy for little Forrest Bradley, as well as older siblings Vivianne Rose and Eric Decker II.

From the looks of it, Decker is basking in her new life as a mom of three, sharing a pic on Instagram on Tuesday (April 17) of Vivianne showing a little gesture of sweet love to her youngest brother.

“Good morning baby brother,” Decker wrote alongside the precious pic.

Of course, knowing Decker, her personal life doesn't slow down her professional endeavors much, and it won’t belong before she will be back in the studio. Country music fans will recall that Decker released her album Southern Girl City Lights in 2017, and released a buzzworthy video for “Flip My Hair” in 2018 when she was pregnant with Forrest!

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