It's been a little over a week since little Forrest Bradley Decker joined Jessie James Decker, her football player husband Eric Decker, and older siblings Vivianne and Eric II. How are things coming along?

Well, as any mom will confirm, the first week with a newborn is inevitably exhausting, but Mama Decker looks as beautiful as ever taking care of her third child. The singer posted a sweet shot on Instagram cuddling her baby—looking just the tiniest bit bleary-eyed—and captioned it, "So in love and maybe a little bit sleepy."

She added that it was "all worth it," of course. Sleepy or not, we think she's looking great, and Forrest (who made his debut on 3/31) is simply adorable.

The singer has shared many details about the baby when he was in her belly, including video of how she shared the news with her daughter and later a video of how they learned if they were having a boy or a girl. Decker initially revealed that the due date was around the end of March, so it appears Forrest came right in the nick of time!

The 29-year-old has celebrated her body throughout the pregnancy, just as she did during her first two pregnancies. This time, while carrying Forrest she released a much-talked-about music video for a song called "Flip Your Hair" that showed off her burgeoning belly alongside other pregnant mothers.

Jessie James Decker's Baby Has a Name as Strong as These:

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