In the wake of the tragedy of 9/11, John Michael Montgomery penned a heartfelt song for his daughters, then aged 4 and 2, titled “A Daddy’s Prayer.” In light of recent world events, the artist was reminded of the significance of the song, and has now released a new video to accompany the poignant tune.

Montgomery wrote the song to inspire hope for his daughters and remind them how much he loved them, even with the uncertainty of what the world may hold in the future.

“I’ve been wanting to do a video on this song ever since I wrote it after 9/11, because its story line is about how our lives would be forever changed,” says Montgomery. “Little did I know 15 years later this song hits home as much as it did back then.”

The black-and-white video begins depicting a solemn Montgomery singing the tune alone, interspersed with scenes of mourning and conflict. Montgomery cries out to God, singing “We need You,” recognizing the upcoming Christmas holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and its significance. It then transitions into hopeful scenes of children, with Montgomery praying over them, “They need You.” The song finishes with an adorable and poignant verse of “Jesus Loves Me” sung by children, followed by the message, “Pray for peace."

“A Daddy’s Prayer” originally appeared on Montgomery’s holiday album Mr. Snowman, released in 2003. View the entire video for the song above.

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