Justin Moore stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last week and took part in the performance of "The Ballad of Claus Jorstad (Devil Stool)," a cautionary tale about a Norwegian man who found himself in some serious trouble in the shower.

In the song, Moore brings to life the all-too scary tale of a man getting one very important part of his body stuck in an Ikea shower stool. Kimmel introduced the song, explaining how he recently read an article of how a man bought a shower stool from Ikea ... and things went horribly wrong.

"A key part of his body became stuck in one of the holes," Kimmel shares. "It's a hard story to hear so rather than just tell you about it, we enlisted the help of Justin Moore who was kind enough to give voice to this terrible tale of a Norwegian nut with a very sad sack."

“This here is a story about tough guy with a big problem,” Moore said before he began his tale about Jorstad. In between Moore's performance, a man acted out the scene in the shower, making the country star's straight-faced depiction all the more entertaining.

"The seat had holes and of all the luck, Claus' left ball got permanently stuck," Moore deadpanned.

Moore is no stranger to taking part in comical skits, as last year he recited Drake's raunchy hit "Hotline Bling" verbatim much to the joy of viewers. “How much more money does this guy make than us? Are you kidding me?” he asked.

Don't Do This in Front of Justin Moore ... 

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