Friday night, Keith Urban hit the stage of Moody Theater in Austin, Texas to raise money for the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation. And while fans enjoyed his new songs and his old hits, they really got a treat when Texas native Jack Ingram joined Urban on the stage for a rendition of George Strait's 'You Look So Good in Love,' caught by a fan with a Flip cam in the video below.

“We’ve never done this song before," Urban warns the crowd in the clip. “That will be apparent very soon," Ingram chimes in. The two then jump into the country hit with some major singing help from the audience (especially from the girl holding the camera capturing this footage). As soon as the first chorus hits, the audience cheers loudly, sings along and sways to the melody.

Onstage, Urban and Ingram look like twins from the view we get in this clip. As Urban strums the song on his acoustic, Ingram takes the second verse (with some additional help from camera girl), and everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying the stars' choice of a cover song.

"Are we gonna do the spoken word part?” Ingram asks Urban. "Give me a little something ..." Then, mustering up his best deep cowboy voice -- and proving his full recovery from vocal cord surgery -- Urban takes the first speaking part and eases back into his own voice to finish it off. The two take the last chorus together and, for a grand finale, let the audience have the vocal part for a while. The cheers at the end give away how the audience felt about that decision and the overall performance.

Watch Keith Urban and Jack Ingram Duet in Texas