Shania Twain has been turning heads since her debut on the country music scene in the 1990s, and young star Kip Moore is apparently one of them. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Moore reveals just how deep his long-time crush on the iconic artist runs.

“There’s nothing I don’t love about Shania,” Moore gushes. “When I saw the 'Any Man of Mine' video, I was just like [jaw drops] glued to the TV. I [thought], ‘This is my woman. This is Mrs. Moore right here.’ I might be way younger, but this is my woman!”

As further proof of his undying devotion, not only can Moore rock a good cover word-for-word of any Twain hit, but according to him, it’s destiny that they hit it off one day.

“I could dominate early Shania Twain music,” Moore boasts. “I could get down with it. I just love her. That’s my woman. I’ve never met her, but I will one day. We’re supposed to meet.”

Whether or not the romance is written in the stars, Moore has got a host of other good things going for him. His sophomore record, Wild Ones, is set to release Aug. 21, which he says is very intimate and close to his heart.

“It is a really personal record, and anytime you’re putting yourself out there for ridicule, it’s vulnerable,” Moore says. “[But] I believe in this record so much. I’ve learned that if you don’t have some people that hate you, then you’re not doing something right — if you’re one of those people where nobody really feels hate or love, then you’re stuck. Nobody is ever gonna care about you there. I’m okay if people hate me because that means there’s gonna be people who love me, too.”

Moore is taking the stage in several cities this summer, some opening for Dierks Bentley and others riding solo. Twain recently extended her Rock This Country tour into the fall, so here’s hoping Moore’s tour bus crosses her path!

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