Things are about to turn to gold for Lady Antebellum. The country trio will release their fourth studio album, 'Golden,' on May 7.

With singer Hillary Scott expecting her first child in early summer, she's going to have a busy couple of months ahead of her, working right up until the baby arrives.

The album's first single -- the hooky, upbeat 'Downtown' -- is currently heating up at radio. The band has said that their fourth release will follow the same train with more of a Southern rock vibe and less strings.

Lady A's Charles Kelley spills that the 2013 new album is meant to have an on-the-go energy. It's an album designed to accompany you when you hit the road -- windows down, the wind in your hair and your destination far ahead of you.

"This album feels to me like one of those that from start to finish could be a good road-trip record and that’s what we wanted," Kelley explains. "It’s one of the reasons why the term ‘golden’ was kind of cool. I think about road trips and driving down the road with those little streaks of sunshine popping through the trees, especially at sunset. 'Golden'… it just gives you this warm, easy feeling."

Scott revealed that the album has a bit of a nostalgic vibe for her, in that the writing and recording process reminded her of meeting her bandmates and the genesis of the group. Clearly, the chemistry that has made them one of the most successful country groups of the past decade is still still potent and informing their music.

"Writing and recording this record really took us back to when we first met each other," she begins. "When I first met the boys, we spent a lot of time around the piano at the house they lived in at the time. We didn’t really know each other at all, but there was still some magic and then the harmonies -- that’s how it all started -- that blend of our voices and that blend of our songwriting craft. So, it’s exciting that even on our fourth record, we can still find that."

Dave Hawyood also dished what 'Golden' means to him, stating, "The word ‘golden’ to me conjures up a lot of pictures. In the title track, it depicts driving down the road at sunset but, to me, it also depicts a special time in our career… a 'golden,' special time for us. We definitely want to value this time in our careers because it’s such a treasure that we can still sit in a room and write songs together. I personally feel so humbled to still be making records that people are excited to hear."

Given that 'Downtown' is burning up the charts and delighting Lady A's ardent fanbase, we'd put money on the fact that 'Golden' will go 'Gold' just like all of their albums, selling 500,000 copies and beyond.

Lady A will also play the Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain in New York this June, where they'll play much of their new music

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