It's a new chapter for Lauren Alaina. The country singer, who got her liftoff as the second place finisher to country superstar Scotty McCreery on Season 10 of 'American Idol' way back in 2011, will begin work on her sophomore album and the followup to her impressive debut, 'Wildflower,' today!

Alaina tweeted on Sunday, Jan. 20 that she would begin work on Album Two. It was a simple, four word tweet without much in the way of detail, but it's more than enough for her fans to perk up about.

She also issued a tweet from the studio this afternoon.

How exciting! It feels like only yesterday we were rooting for her as she belted out country-pop songs during her season of 'Idol' and left us wondering if she and McCreery had a secret romance -they were ever referred to as "McLaina" for a hot minute- after she laid a big smooch on him when he was announced as the winner.

Then we watched her blossom into a full-blown country diva, with her power ballad 'Like My Mother Does' and her rowdy rocker 'Georgia Peaches,' each of which took off as she performed them on breakfast and afternoon TV programming.

She's 18 now, and already on her second album! Alaina, who recently went with a more glam hairstyle, is only scratching the surface of what's going to be a long and prosperous country career.

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