With plenty of purrs and growls, Luke Bryan worked through his hit song 'Drunk on You' Monday night during the ABC 'CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock' TV special. Then he tilted his baseball cap low over his eyes and broke into his signature hit 'Country Girl,' raising the temperature on an already hot Nashville night. 

There wasn't a team of sexy dancers to catch Bryan should he stumble and fall while jumping up and down and grinding his hips during the catchy chorus, but the singer probably could have found a few thousand willing volunteers just a few feet away. The broadcast's host also played to the camera and viewers at home, returning a rockstar-like energy to the show.

'Drunk on You' was one of the few ballads chosen for the special, which featured highlights from the LP Field shows at the CMA Music Festival in June. There was an air of anticipation during the first song, however. Bryan didn't rush, but fans knew something was coming to get the heart pumping when his banjo player broke into a dramatic sequence while his drummer built the tension. Finally, after sticking his acoustic guitar pick to the banjo man's bald head, Bryan began 'Country Girl.' The performance was very similar to those at previous award shows.

Watch Luke Bryan Perform 'Drunk on You' at the 2012 CMA Music Festival