Mason Ramsey's "Famous" music video is a compilation of clips of the 11-year-old's unexpected journey from a Walmart to the Grand Ole Opry, Stagecoach and the recording studio.

The just-released video shows several of the momentous moments in Ramsey's month-long rise to fame. Of course there are clips from the yodeling boy's early performances at Walmart, but there's also more candid moments of him signing a record deal with Big Loud Records, working with a studio team, FaceTiming with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and hamming it up for fans and friends.

Part-way through he stops dead in his tracks to raid a candy bowl — if you needed a reminder that he's still just a boy, this is it!

Who Is Mason Ramsey? Watch!

Ramsey's grandparents have been raising him since he was three weeks old, they explain at the beginning of the music video. The pair share how he got started in country music and make several appearances throughout, tying it together with a few remarks about how he treats his fans — especially his female fans.

The music video is called a Journey Video, as it follows Ramsey's journey thus far instead of acting out the story of his song, which is a love song penned by Sarah Buxton, Canaan Smith, Corey Crowder and Hubbard.

"If I'm gonna be famous for something I'm gonna be famous for loving you / If I'm gonna be known around the world, I want it because of you girl," he sings.

While not yet a hit on the radio, the song has found an audience on streaming services, and Ramsey has found an audience on television and social media. The latest look at his Instagram page finds two million followers and counting, up from 300K on April 7.

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