Dolly Parton surprised fans with new music this week. Her birthday gift extends her already massive Rockstar album, but she's hardly the only star with new songs featured on this recap.

She's actually not even the only artist to release a cover song this week. Newcomer Dalton Dover dropped an emotional John Denver cover for you to enjoy. Several more artists revealed music to preview an upcoming album or EP drop.

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Then, there are two truly new albums to consider: Niko Moon and Brittney Spencer released the full-lengths on Friday (Jan. 19) — an early listen finds "I Got Time" by Spencer as a song worth hearing.

Scroll down to see all 13 songs and albums released in country music between Jan. 13 and Jan. 19. More will be added to this list as they're revealed on Friday.

New Songs Released This Week (Jan. 13-19):

Brittney Spencer, My Stupid Life Album

attachment-My Stupid Life

Carson Jeffrey, "Mrs. Lonley"

Chase Matthew, "We All Grow Up" (New We All Grow Up EP Coming Feb. 16)

Dalton Dover, "Take Me Home, Country Roads"

David J, "Rest of Your Life"

Dolly Parton, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Plus three more songs)

Haven Madison, "Sky Up" (New Turn Off All the Lights EP Announced for April 26)

Kenny Chesney, Born (Album Announce)

Allister Ann

Logan Mize & Jessie James Decker, "If You're Up"

Luke Dick, "Shirt Off Your Back" (New Lockeland Album coming March 15)

Megan Moroney, "No Called ID"

Mitchell Tenpenny, "Breaking My Heart"

Nico Moon, Better Days Album

Happy Cowboy Records
Happy Cowboy Records

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