Dustin Lynch's sophomore album 'Where It's At' dropped Tuesday (Sept. 9), and the lead single just so happens to be the title song. So, naturally, when the rising star stopped by the Taste of Country studio to perform, he had to give us an incredible acoustic version of the big hit.

The super catchy 'Where It's At' has made its mark on the U.S. Country Airplay chart, climbing to No. 3. Lynch was at his best when he brought the song to the ToC studios, stripping it down acoustic to just a guitar and small band accompaniment.

Singing his hit directly to the camera -- often cracking a smile under that big cowboy hat, Lynch is in his element when he's singing country music. No surprise for a guy who found Garth Brooks to be more of a superhero than Batman.

Yep, yep, that's where it's at ...