Pat Green called into US99.5 while rolling down the road in his tour bus, heading to a sold out show in Chicago, in order to share some 'straight from the horse's mouth' info about his upcoming album.

The Texas native, who says he's having the greatest time of his life and "can't get enough" of his 7 and 4-year-old kids right now, split from BNA Records after releasing 'What I'm For' in 2009. Since then, he's been looking for an outlet to release music that he truly has a hand in -- and he's found it.

"We are in negotiation now to put some [music] out, and man, I am excited as I can be," Green says. "You know, I loved being with my previous record label -- I'd never say a bad word about them. I was just kind of tired of my music being so corporate-sized and just so handled."

"I'm really excited that the guys I'm going to be working with next are going to let me do my thing and get a little bit more of my own stank on the music, if you will," the 'Wave on Wave' singer says, laughing.

Despite the hold up with new music, Green has a slew of tour dates ahead with shows from Charlotte, N.C. to Boston, all the way down to his homestate of Texas.