After a 30-year relationship (including a 20-year marriage), Randy Travis and his ex-wife (and former manager) Elizabeth Travis haven't exactly gone through an amicable divorce. Just days ago, the country legend filed a lawsuit against his former love, claiming that she breached her management contract and ruined his career by blabbing personal details about him. According to TMZ, Travis hasn't given specific details about what personal details his ex is using against him -- but it sounds pretty bad.

The drama started in early April when Elizabeth filed a lawsuit against the country star, alleging that Travis “intentionally interfered" with her right to do her job and also impaired the "effectiveness of (his) career in the entertainment industry." Now, the country legend is fighting fire with fire. In addition to breaching her contract by violating Randy Travis' privacy, Elizabeth Travis also allegedly inflated travel expenses and tried to con her ex-husband out of thousands of dollars.

Travis sure isn't having a good year. In addition to going back and forth with his ex-wife, the 'More Life' hitmaker was picked up for public intoxication in January, when he was found drunk in his car after the Super Bowl. Reportedly, he had way too much to drink after an argument with his girlfriend, and was sitting alone when police nabbed him.

Hopefully, once the country star gets out of the court system, he can focus on his country music career. It seems to us that the lawsuits are a bunch of 'he-said-she-said,' and the judge will have to sort this one out.

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