Ray Scott was one of the many artists who took Nashville by storm during CMA Fest. During the event, he performed his new single, 'Drinkin' Beer,' for fans, and is now allowing them to relive the experience via a live video, premiering right here on Taste of Country.

Before Scott's performance, fans show that they too are 'Drinkin' Beer' for his set.

"Alright, listen up, everybody -- there's something I want to talk to y'all about. Somethin' that I truly enjoy," Scott says to the already enthusiastic crowd before jumping into the song.

The live video is from Scott's CMA fan party, which took place right in the middle of downtown Nashville at Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar in Printer's Alley. The simplistic shoot shows off Scott's deep voice and onstage presence. The lighting -- combined with Scott's dark ensemble -- gives the 'Drinkin' Beer' performance video an intimate feel, despite the large fan presence.

'Drinkin' Beer' is Scott's newest single, now available for download on iTunes. It's also been selected as one of SiriusXM the Highway's 'On the Horizon' picks. Scott is currently finishing up his upcoming self-titled album, which is being produced by Dave Brainard.

"This is sort of a regroup for me -- not only artistically, but in terms of my career," he explains. "My music and my sense of where it fits in the music business has really taken shape over the past several years. So this is an introduction to that for people who may not be familiar with me and it's a defining of that vision for those who already know my music."

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